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Episode 92: Choosing A Law Firm For Your Brain Injury Case

In this episode of Brain Injury Insider, host Michael Kaplen discusses the importance of choosing the right law firm for your brain injury case, and explains why De Caro & Kaplen are uniquely positioned to assist brain injury survivors both in and out of the court room.

Why bigger may not be better for your brain injury case:

  • Because a brain injury is like no other injury that a personal injury attorney has ever encountered. 
  • From the inside, a brain injury is difficult to describe.  From the outside, a brain injury is difficult to understand. 
  • A brain injury survivor may look fine, they may sound fine, yet this invisible injury impacts their entire life and the life of their family members. 
  • An attorney representing a brain injury survivor must understand this invisible injury and be prepared to deal with skeptical insurance companies, medical plans, and the judicial system.

Why retain New York Brain Injury Attorneys, De Caro & Kaplen, LLP for your brain injury case?

An attorney representing a person living with a brain injury must have resources he or she can share about care options, care providers, rehabilitation options, and government assistance.  And most important, treat the survivor with compassion and respect.  

  • Shana De Caro and Michael Kaplen have represented brain injury survivors almost exclusively for the past 40 years.
  • Shana and Michael are nationally recognized leaders in brain injury litigation and have both served as chairs of the American Association for Justice, Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group.
  • Shana has now completed her second term as Chairwoman of the Brain Injury Association of America.
  • Michael served three terms as President of the Brain Injury Association of New York State and twice chaired the New York State Traumatic Brain Injury Services Coordinating Council. 
  • Michael Kaplen teaches the only course on traumatic brain injury law in the nation at The George Washington University Law School
  • Shana De Caro and Michael Kaplen extensively lecture to attorney associations and at medical meetings throughout the nation on effective representation of brain injury victims and brain injury in the courtroom. They have authored many articles on brain injury law and prosecuting brain injury cases.
  • The Brain Injury Law Firm® is small, allowing the New York personal injury attorneys at De Caro & Kaplen, LLP to provide their clients with personalized assistance and attention, and devote the time and attention to each case they accept.  
  • And most important, Shana De Caro and Michael Kaplen care about their clients and their families and will not give up until they obtain justice on their behalf.

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