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What is hypoxic brain injury?

What is hypoxic brain injury? Hypoxic brain injury, is an injury to the brain caused by a lack of oxygen. The brain itself is being starved. The fuel for the brain is oxygen. That oxygen gets to the brain through the blood supply and when that blood supply is restricted, or diminished, or cut-off in some reason, brain cells will start to die.

Once they die, unfortunately, they don’t regenerate. Depending on how many brain cells die, depending on where those brain cells are, the damage to the brain could be very specific to one’s area called localized brain injury or can be global and affect all parts of the brain. We see this in people who have sustained a stroke. We see this in people who have had a heart attack and don’t get medical care quickly and haven’t been resuscitated properly.

We see this in individuals who have drowned or who have had carbon monoxide poisoning. Anytime the brain is starved of oxygen, we will see hypoxia. And when we see hypoxia, we will see death of brain tissue, and when we see death of brain tissue, we will see brain damage. We are there to help them when that occurs.