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Is a stroke a TBI?

Is a stroke a TBI? A stroke is a brain attack. It means blood supply to the brain has been cut off. The brain has been deprived of oxygen. That can occur in many different ways. It can result as a consequence of trauma. It can result as a medical condition. When a blood clot forms, it gets thrown. That blood flows through the artery into the brain and gets clogged in the blood vessel causing the blood supply to be cut off. It can occur when a child is born and there’s some type of trauma that takes place in the birth canal. But it’s important to understand that it is a brain attack, and it’s also very important to understand that time is brain, and the necessity to get prompt medical care.

We see in our practices, unfortunately, people whose stroke is not properly recognized. So, unfortunately, if a person is not properly and timely treated for that stroke, they will sustain permanent brain damage. It’s important that they get proper treatment. It’s important if they don’t get proper treatment, that they seek proper legal representation to protect their rights and get them the compensation that they deserve.