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Board Certified* Civil Trials, National Board of Trial Advocacy. Board Certified* Medical Malpractice, American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys.

What constitutes malpractice?

  What constitutes malpractice? Medical malpractice is malpractice by a professional. It’s a professional negligence. That means a physician, a surgeon, a hospital doing something that they should not have done or not doing something they should have done. Medical malpractice means that the doctor disobey that stop sign, when at red light, didn’t do […]

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Is a stroke a TBI?

Is a stroke a TBI? A stroke is a brain attack. It means blood supply to the brain has been cut off. The brain has been deprived of oxygen. That can occur in many different ways. It can result as a consequence of trauma. It can result as a medical condition. When a blood clot […]

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