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Helmets Save Lives: Motorcycle Helmet Law In The USA

Only 19 States in the USA have a universal helmet law [1] – requiring ALL motorcyclists to wear a helmet. 28 States have partial laws, requiring helmet use up to a certain age, while 3 States have no laws requiring a helmet to be worn.

The map below shows the number of lives saved by helmet use per 100K registered motorcyclists for each state [2]. There is a clear correlation between the number of lives saved and the state’s helmet laws.

Lives Saved By Helmet Use / 100K Registered Motorcycle Users

The Facts About Helmet Use


of motorcyclists who were fatally injured in 2010 were unhelmeted.


lives saved by helmet use in 2010.


more lives could have been saved if all motorcyclists wore a helmet.

Lives Saved: State By State

States with a universal helmet law save 8X more riders’ lives per 100k motorcycle registrations each year, compared to states without a helmet law, and 3X more than states with partial helmet law.


* note: figures above from 2010. Michigan repealed universal helmet law in 2012.

The Impact Of Repeal

In 2000 Florida repealed the universal helmet law, eliminating the requirement except for riders under 21 with less than $10k of applicable medical insurance benefits.

In the 30 months before the repeal there were 35 fatalities where the rider was under 21, while in the 30 months after, there were 101 – an increase of 188%.

Do you agree that it’s time for universal helmet law in ALL states? Spread the word.


States with universal helmet law save 8X more lives per 100K motorcycle registrations each year. #helmetssavelives

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