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Common injuries from falling down stairs

Injuries from falling downstairs occur because a landlord or a property owner hasn’t properly maintained that staircase. It could be from a handrail that’s misplaced. It could be because that staircase doesn’t even have a handrail, or perhaps there’s a rug or carpet that’s frayed or has a hole in it, which causes someone to trip and fall. When each one of these situations takes place and a person falls, there could be a number of different injuries that develop.

There could be ankle injuries as a result of twisting that ankle, there could be fractures of the ankle. There could be injuries to the knee, torn ligaments that may develop. You might also fall and hit your head causing a traumatic brain injury. In each one of these situations, it’s important, obviously, to seek medical advice as soon as possible. It’s also important to go back to that scene as soon as possible and photograph what caused your injury to take place before the situation changes. Frequently, what we see, the landlords are not doing their job properly until, unfortunately, someone gets hurt.

Then they make the repair that they should have made before. It’s important that we, as lawyers, are able to document the dangerous condition that existed at the time of your fall. When you retain the law firm of De Caro & Kaplen, you retain lawyers that will go to the scene of the accident. Will hire appropriate engineers and other experts, search the building close to determine exactly why your injury took place and how that injury could’ve been prevented.