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Can I change lawyers in the middle of a case?

It’s important for clients to know that they can change an attorney any time they want for any reason at all. If they feel that their attorney doesn’t really understand them, doesn’t understand the nature of their injuries, doesn’t understand what happened and the law behind the case, or if the lawyer is rude or disrespectful, or they just have lost confidence in their attorney, people should know that they can change an attorney at any time.

It will not impact any fees that get paid, and so they shouldn’t feel that they’re going to have to pay a second attorney. Incoming and outgoing attorney will share the attorney fee which is a percentage of the recovery, and it only applies if the client was successful in getting a recovery. If you believe that your attorney is not properly representing, then you have the right to demand proper representation. You are worth it, your case is worth it, you should seek out a qualified and concerned attorney who will represent your best interests.