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How does trauma change the brain?

How does trauma change the brain? The brain is a soft, jello-like substance that’s contained within the skull and it can easily be damaged. It is made up of nerve fibers, which have axons, which are the long thread like portion that acts like a telephone wire and communicates signals and messages. It is covered by […]

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Can whiplash cause a concussion?

Can whiplash cause a concussion? Whiplash can cause a concussion. Usually, you’re talking about it with respect to injuries of the head and neck, but it also affects the brain, which is inside the skull. When a person is sitting in a car, they’re sitting upright. If they come to a sudden stop, their body continues […]

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What constitutes personal injury?

What constitutes personal injury?  Personal injury is a legal term that’s used to describe injuries, both physical and psychological, that are caused by the negligence of another. A plaintiff is entitled to be compensated for all the injuries that are caused. There are many aspects to personal injuries. These include both the physical injury, the […]

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How do I file a personal injury claim?

How do I file a personal injury claim?  A lawsuit is started by filing a complaint, allegations of negligence against the people who committed the acts that you are complaining of that you say caused your injury. After the complaint is filed with the court, it gets served on the defendants usually by a process […]

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What do I do after a car accident?

What do I do after a car accident?  What should you do after a car accident depends on whether you’re at the scene of the accident or things that you could do later on. At the scene of the accident, obviously, you must stop, you must try to report it to the police as soon […]

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