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Bicycle Helmet Law In The USA

The map below shows current state-wide, and local laws regarding helmet use (cyclists) in the USA. Hover over a state or location for more information, or click a state to zoom.

Bicycle Helmet Laws: Summary

State-Wide Helmet Laws

  • There are currently 21 states (+ DC) with state-wide helmet laws in place for cyclists.[note]Bicycle Helmet Laws, [][/note]
  • However, in each of these states provisions are for children only, with cut off ages varying from 12-18.
  • There are currently no states which prohibit adults from riding without a helmet.

Local Government Helmet Laws

  • Of the 29 states which have no state-wide bicycle helmet laws, 16 have individual localities (towns, cities, counties etc) with separate local ordinances in place.
  • Some of these local ordinances do prohibit all riders (including adults) from cycling without a helmet.
  • In several states, local ordinances may extend state-wide laws.
  • For example, while New York state only prohibits cyclists under the age of 14 from riding without a helmet, Rockland County and Greenburgh have local laws which require all riders (including adults) to wear a helmet.

States Without Helmet Bicycle Helmet Laws

  • There are 13 states which have no state-wide, or local helmet laws.

The Case For Nationwide Bicycle Helmet Laws

girl on bicycle
  • A study of over 64,000 cyclists concluded that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 51%, the risk of serious head injury by 69%, and the risk of fatal head injury by 65%.[note]Bicycle helmets reduce risk of serious head injury by nearly 70%, study finds [The Guardian][/note]
  • But a 2012 study found that just 29% of adults, and 42% of children in the USA always wore a helmet while cycling.[note]Bicycle helmet use among persons 5 years and older in the United States, 2012 [PMC][/note]
  • Between 1994 and 2018, at least 80% of cyclists killed in road accidents in the US were not wearing a helmet.[note],[/note]
  • When cases where it is unknown if a helmet was worn are excluded this number may be higher.

Do you agree that it's time for universal bicycle helmet law in ALL states? Spread the word.

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