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America’s Invisible Injury: The Need For a Brain Injury Identification Card

The Invisible Injury

Why America Needs a Brain Injury Identification Card

Every 21 Seconds, one person in the USA sustains a brain injury.

And for millions of Americans, the injury will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Let’s take a closer look at traumatic brain injury in the USA.

Brain Injuries In The USA: The Facts

2.8 Million

Children and adults in the United States will sustain a traumatic brain injury each year.


Americans experience the onset of long term disability caused by a TBI each year.

5.3 Million

Americans currently live with a disability resulting from a brain injury.

The 3 Leading Causes Of TBI In The USA

#1 Fall


#2 Struck By Object


#3 Auto Accident


Why Is TBI Known As 'The Invisible Injury'?

TBI is sometimes referred to as ‘the invisible injury’.

That’s because injuries (and symptoms) will not always be obvious to an observer.

This can cause problems for brain injury survivors, who may not always be able to accurately explain their condition.

A Common Problem: Challenging Encounters

Brain injuries can cause side effects such as confusion, slurred speech, or an unsteady gait.

Individuals may be mistakenly identified as drunk or aggressive by police officers, leading to challenging encounters.

Simple Solution: Brain Injury Identification Card

  • check
    Personalized brain injury identification card
  • check
    Fits in wallet
  • check
    Includes individual’s details, emergency contact, & common symptoms of a TBI
  • check
    Can be presented to EMT personnel, or law enforcement to avoid misunderstandings
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    Free of charge to any individual in the USA who has sustained a brain injury

front of card

back of card

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Wilfred G. Van Gorp, Ph. D., on June 5, 2019 — Written by Shana De Caro & Michael V. Kaplen.

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