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Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers

buffalo car accident lawyersWere you injured in a car accident in Buffalo that wasn’t your fault? Our New York car accident lawyers can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

According to NYS Department of Health data, an average of 23 individuals are hospitalized each month after involvement in a traffic-related crash on Buffalo and Erie County roadways.

And in 2014, hospitalization and ED charges in the County totalled $25.9M, with an average hospital charge of $44,427.

De Caro & Kaplen, LLP, have been helping car accident victims in Buffalo, Erie County, and throughout New York State for over 30 years. No matter the circumstances of your accident, we’re ready to assist with your case.

Car Accidents In Buffalo: Contributing Factors

In 2014, distracted driving (for example texting) was the most common cause of car accident in Buffalo and Erie County. 18.4% of accident reports cited distracted driving as a contributing factor.

Other common causes included failure to yield (15.8%) and following too closely (16.3%).

In the same year, almost 10% of accidents in the County were speed related, while 2.9% were alcohol related.

Car Accidents By Role

In 2014, the vast majority (93.1%) of Buffalo and Erie residents involved in car accidents in the County were occupants. In the same year, 485 pedestrians were involved in accidents (1.2%), 287 cyclists (0.7%), and 206 motorcyclists (0.5%).

De Caro & Kaplen, LLP, can represent all individuals involved in Buffalo car accidents, whether they are occupants of the vehicle, motorcyclists, pedestrians, or cyclists.

Restraint (Seat Belt) Use

Seat belts can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury in car accidents.

According to the NYS Department of Health, occupants who did not wear a seat belt were three times more likely to require hospitalization following an accident on Buffalo and Erie roadways (2014).

The risk of serious injury was also three times higher, while the risk of traumatic brain injury was doubled.

In 2014, at least 2.7% of occupants involved in vehicle collisions in the County were unrestrained.

Car Accidents Resulting In Fatalities In Buffalo

According to, car accidents caused 17 fatalities in the city of Buffalo in 2017.

Accident locations included Delaware Ave, the intersection of E Morris Ave and Benwood Ave, French St, Skillen St, and the intersection of Glenwood Ave and Dupont St.

Our Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers Are Ready To Help

De Caro & Kaplen, LLP helps individuals involved in Buffalo car accidents receive full and fair compensation for their injuries.

No matter the circumstances of your accident, our highly experienced Buffalo car accident lawyers are ready to represent you. And as we work on a contingency basis our fee is completely dependent on successfully recovering compensation for you.

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