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Car Accident Lawyers in Brooklyn

View of Brooklyn from South Street Seaport - Kenneth Lu / Flickr CC
View of Brooklyn from South Street Seaport – Kenneth Lu / Flickr CC

Were you injured in a car accident in Brooklyn that wasn’t your fault? Our Brooklyn car accident lawyers are ready to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Our partners have over 30 years experience advocating for car accident victims in Brooklyn, and we successfully represented drivers, passengers, and pedestrians injured in a range of crash types, including:

  • Distracted driving (cell phone and texting)
  • Speeding
    Hit and run
  • Unsafe or improper turns
  • Failure to obey traffic signals
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way
  • Dangerous lane changes

We work on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t pay unless we are successful in receiving compensation for your car accident.

How Common Are Car Accidents In Brooklyn?

Unsurprisingly for a county with over 2.5 million residents, car accidents are extremely common in Brooklyn.

According to NYPD statistics, 3,208 collisions were reported at Brooklyn intersections in September 2019. Over 1,000 individuals were injured as a result of these collisions.

Car Accidents: A Leading Cause Of Injury In Brooklyn

In 2014, The New York State Department of Health released a fact sheet which revealed that vehicle accidents are the 3rd leading cause of injuryrelated hospitalizations in Brooklyn. Each month an average of 110 Kings County residents are hospitalized following a motor accident.

The report also indicates that vehicle accidents cause an average of 94 fatalities each year in the county. This makes vehicle accidents the 5th leading injury-related cause of death in the county.

Car Accident Hot Spots In Brooklyn

In 2010, the intersection of Atlantic Avenue & Bedford Avenue had the highest number (7) of vehicle accidents involving pedestrians in Brooklyn. Long crossing distances, heavy congestion, confusing lane design, and heavy foot traffic were identified as issues which increased the risk to pedestrians.

Intersection of Atlantic Avenue & Bedford Avenue
intersection of Atlantic Avenue & Bedford Avenue (Google Maps)

Eastern Parkway, Flatbush Avenue, and Kings Highway also have high incidences of pedestrian collisions.

Our partners, Shana De Caro and Michael V. Kaplen, have successfully advocated for individuals involved in car accidents on each of these Brooklyn roadways.

Important: Obtain A Police Accident Report To Help With Your Claim

Obtaining a police accident report is vital following a vehicle accident. The report will provide accurate information regarding license and registration information of the drivers and owners of all vehicles, the accident location, identity of witnesses, insurance information, violations issued, admissions made to the responding police officers, and the existence of any police photographs.

The police accident report, prepared by the responding police officers can be obtained usually within 24 hours at the police precinct in the location of the accident. Here are the police precincts in Brooklyn:

60th Precinct718-946-33112951 West 8th Street
61st Precinct718-627-66112575 Coney Island Avenue
62nd Precinct718-236-26111925 Bath Avenue
63rd Precinct718-258-44111844 Brooklyn Avenue
66th Precinct718-851-56115822 16th Avenue
67th Precinct718-287-32112820 Snyder Avenue

Car Accidents In Brooklyn – A Leading Cause Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Car accidents are a leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Brooklyn. According to The New York State Department of Health, 29% of Kings County residents who were hospitalized after a car accident were diagnosed with a TBI.

Brooklyn Brain Injury Support Group Information:

A support group can provide a forum for individuals with a brain injury and their support network to exchange thoughts and information. These groups enable victims of acquired and traumatic brain injury to understand that they are not alone and provide important socialization and self-advocacy skills.

The following Brooklyn support group is affiliated with the Brain Injury Association of New York State:

Brooklyn Center for Independence (BCID)
27 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York
3rd Tuesday of each month, 12:30pm-2pm
Contact: BCID at 718-998-3000 or Jan Wollney at 718-734-2225

Which Areas Of Brooklyn Do We Cover?

Our personal injury attorneys can accept car accident cases throughout Brooklyn, including: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Heights, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Heights, Brownsville, Bushwick, Canarsie, Carroll Gardens, Coney Island, Crown Heights, Dumbo, East New York, Flatbush, Fort Green, Greenpoint, Midwood, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Sheepshead Bay, and Williamsburg.

How De Caro & Kaplen, LLP Can Help With Your Brooklyn Car Accident Case

Brooklyn Supreme Court
Brooklyn Supreme Court

We will walk you through every step of the process of your Brooklyn car accident case, working tirelessly to ensure you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries — both physical and emotional. And unlike some other personal injury law firms we are fully prepared to go to court to get you the justice you deserve.

We also work on a contingency basis, which means our fee is completely dependent on successfully recovering compensation for you.

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