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Podcast Appearances

In addition to hosting our own weekly podcast, Brain Injury Insider, De Caro & Kaplen, LLP partner Michael Kaplen is regularly invited on to other shows to discuss traumatic brain injuries and concussion.

If you are interested in booking Michael to appear on your podcast, please use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

Listen to some of Michael’s recent podcast appearances and interviews below.

Love Thy Lawyer Podcast

Michael Kaplen discusses his 40 year legal career on the Love Thy Lawyer podcast.

Super Brain Podcast

Michael Kaplen discusses concussion in sports on the Super Brain Podcast.

LifeBlood Podcast

Michael Kaplen discusses brain injuries on the LifeBlood podcast.

Best Morning Routine, Ever! Podcast

Michael Kaplen discusses the legal aspects of traumatic brain injury on the Best Morning Routine, Ever! podcast.

Post Concussion Podcast

Michael Kaplen discusses brain injury litigation on the Post Concussion podcast.

Braun & Brains

Michael Kaplen interviewed by “Braun & Brains” podcast host Rachel Braun.

Parenting Our Future

Michael Kaplen discusses concussion with “Parenting Our Future” host Robin McManne.

The Healthy Life

Michael Kaplen interviewed for “The Healthy Life” podcast from

Mom Worthy

Michael Kaplen discusses the dangers of concussions in youth sports in episode 73 of the Mom Worthy podcast.

The Broken Brain

Michael Kaplen interviewed on the “Broken Brain” podcast.

Legal Beagle Podcast

Michael Kaplen discusses traumatic brain injury with “Legal Beagle” podcast host Mark Jonathan Negretti.

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