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Albany Memorial Hospital

Did you or a loved one suffer injury as a result of negligence by a healthcare professional, medical facility, or hospital in Albany? Our Albany medical malpractice lawyers can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Our partners Michael Kaplen and Shana De Caro have over 35 years’ experience representing individuals who have suffered injury or death due to professional negligence of their health care provider.

And our attorneys have successfully advocated for Albany residents in cases involving:

  • Anesthesia malpractice
  • Ear, nose, & throat medical malpractice
  • Emergency room malpractice
  • Hospital malpractice
  • Improper treatment of infectious diseases
  • Internist malpractice
  • Medical errors in orthopedics
  • Medical malpractice in the care of children
  • Misdiagnosed cancer
  • Neurosurgery malpractice
  • Obstetrical and birth injury
  • Retinopathy of prematurity
  • Stroke misdiagnosis

We work on a contingency basis, which means you only pay a fee if we are successful in receiving compensation for you.

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Performance Of Albany Hospitals

We have collated performance statistics for 3 of the major hospitals in Albany (Albany Memorial Hospital, Albany Medical Center, and St. Peters Hospital), which were published by the New York State Department of Health. These include:

  • mortality rates compared to national and state averages
  • complications compared to national averages
  • hospital acquired infections
  • waiting times
  • patient satisfaction

Performance Summary

HospitalsMortalityComplicationsWait TimeSatisfactionComplaintsSubstantiated
Memorial1.40.98167 mins66.67%2.1n/a
Medical Center0.990.76171 mins68.33%0.314.7%
St. Peters0.880.79116 mins68.33%0.1n/a
  1. Mortality: relative to national (1.0), lower is better. New York State average = 1.34
  2. Complications: relative to national (1.0), lower is better. New York State average = 0.87
  3. Wait Time: average patient wait time in ED before assessment by healthcare professional
  4. Patient Satisfaction: higher is better
  5. Complaints: number of complaints per 10,000 patient days
  6. Substantiated: percentage of allegations which were substantiated

Complications In Albany Hospitals

Albany Memorial Hospital

Albany Memorial Hospital

Ratio compared to the national average of 1.0 (lower is better)

  1. Albany Memorial Hospital: 0.76
  2. St. Peters Hospital: 0.79
  3. Albany Medical Center: 0.98

New York State average: 0.87

Albany Memorial Hospital had the lowest number of complications, with a ratio 24% lower than the national average, and 12.6% lower than the state average.

All three hospitals were below the national average for complications. However, the ratio of complications at Albany Medical Center was 12.6% higher than the average for New York State.

Non-Cardiac Deaths In Albany Hospitals

St. Peters Hospital

St. Peters Hospital

Ratio compared to the national average of 1.0 (lower is better)

  1. St. Peters Hospital: 0.88
  2. Albany Memorial Hospital: 0.99
  3. Albany Medical Center: 1.4

New York State average: 1.34

St. Peters Hospital had the lowest number of non-cardiac related deaths, with a ratio 12% lower than the national average, and 52% lower than the state average.

Albany Memorial Hospital was also slightly below the state average and over 35% below the state average.

However, Albany Medical Center was above both the state and national averages for complications.

Hospital Acquired Infections (Surgical Site)

Albany Medical Center

Albany Medical Center

Ratio compared to state average of 1.0 (lower is better)

  1. Albany Memorial Hospital: 0.89
  2. St. Peters Hospital: 0.92
  3. Albany Medical Center: 1.25

Albany Memorial Hospital had the lowest ratio of hospital acquired infections, while St. Peters Hospital also performed better than the statewide average.

Albany Medical Center had 25% more surgical infections than the statewide average, and a ratio 40% higher than Albany Memorial Hospital.

Emergency Department Timeliness

Median ED wait time in minutes prior to assessment by a medical professional (lower is better)

  1. St. Peters Hospital: 116 minutes
  2. Albany Medical Center: 167 minutes
  3. Albany Memorial Hospital: 171 minutes

New York State median: 153 minutes

St. Peters Hospital had the lowest Emergency Department wait time prior to assessment by a medical professional, with an average wait of 116 minutes (37 minutes less than the state median).

However, Albany Medical Center, and Albany Memorial Hospital both had longer wait times than the median for New York State.

Patient Satisfaction For Albany Hospitals

  1. Albany Memorial Hospital / St. Peters Hospital: 68.33%
  2. Albany Medical Center: 66.67%

Albany Memorial Hospital and St. Peters Hospital both scored highest for patient satisfaction, with 68.33% of patients satisfied with their experience.

Albany Medical Center was slightly lower, with 66.67% of patients surveyed expressing satisfaction with their experience at the hospital.

Inspections And Complaints

Between July 1st 2016 and June 30th 2019, Albany Memorial Hospital received 2.1 complaints per 10,000 patient days. This was over 10x the average for New York State (0.2), however, none of the complaints were substantiated.

In the same period Albany Medical Center received 0.3 complaints per 10,000 patient days. 14.7% of allegations were substantiated.

St. Peters Hospital had the lowest ratio of complaints (0.1 per 10,000 patient days), with no substantiated allegations.

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