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Episode 26: Traumatic Brain Injury Annual Scholarship Fund 2021

In this episode of Brain Injury Insider, host Michael V. Kaplen discusses the Brain Injury Law Firm's annual Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship award, and invites applications for the 2021 award.

For the past four years, our law firm has sponsored an annual scholarship to an individual who has sustained a traumatic brain injury and is pursuing his or her higher education in honor of brain injury awareness month.

It is our way of recognizing all the many young women and men who have sustained significant injuries, and through perseverance and arduous work have found a way to pursue their dreams.

They are an inspiration to all of us.

Our recipients and the many other scholarship applicants all have demonstrated incredible determination and tenacity in learning to adapt to life after a brain injury, and to continue to pursue their goals.

Each has worked extraordinarily hard at rehabilitation and although experiencing setbacks, each has maintained a can-do attitude and has worked with others experiencing similar difficulties to encourage them, mentor them, and offer hope to them.

The day to day struggles of a person with a brain injury, the societal prejudice, and obstacles that our applicants confront cannot be ignored.

The work and academic environment are not welcoming or accommodating to those with disabilities. As a society, we must do more.

Our traumatic brain injury scholarship is an annual award for a student who has sustained a traumatic brain injury. I am pleased that The Brain Injury Law Firm will again offer a scholarship for the Fall 2021 semester in honor of brain injury awareness month, 2021.

Applications for the next fund, can be obtained on our website.

Find out more about Brain Injury Awareness Month at


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