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Episode 31: A Mother’s Day message for all mothers caring for a child with a TBI

In this episode of Brain Injury Insider, host Michael Kaplen sends a special Mother's Day message to all mothers caring for a child with traumatic brain injury.

This Sunday is Mother's Day, and I want to take this opportunity to wish all mothers a very happy day. To let them know they are loved and appreciated for all they do, and all they are.

But I want to take this opportunity to wish a very special Mother's Day to all mothers caring for a child with a brain injury. You have such an important role in their lives and some very difficult hurdles. Special planning, special caring, special attention, and special costs increase your special burden and special responsibilities that impact your life, the lives of your family members, and all those around you.

Yet you never shirk from your responsibilities, and your love triumphs over all adversity.

In addition to your role as a parent, you are a caregiver and an advocate.

Your journey has been described as being on a roller coaster twenty four hours a day without stopping. And there is a serious lack of awareness of the needs of those who suffer cognitive, behavioral and emotional deficits, a lack of understanding from some family members, from some friends, some employers, schools, and even the medical profession,
and this compounds the issues and frustrations you are forced to deal with.

Many mothers who I am in contact with are virtual prisoners in their own homes. They are isolated from the community, and walking on eggshells to keep the lid on behavior and other issues they must face on a daily basis.

The best rehabilitation in the world often cannot change what happens in a split second.

And after the doctors and other clinicians are gone from the life of your son or daughter, you are still involved, and your child totally depends upon you.

I say these things today not to put fear in anyone, but to recognize your love, and the sacrifices you make as a mother, not just yesterday or today, but for the rest of the life of your son or daughter.

Our law firm has created a video, Little Bird Who Forgot How To Fly, to assist others in understanding the invisible brain injury you, your son or daughter and your entire family is facing. We hope it assists in an understanding of the issues for others who haven't experienced what you are experiencing.

We hope this video will assist in communicating the difficulties both children and their parents themselves confront.

This video is accessible on our website,

Life after a brain injury is never the same.

So to you on this Mother's Day, a special thank you, a tribute for all you do to improve the quality of life for your son or daughter.

Thank you for always being there mom.

Happy Mother's Day.

And wishing you all the love you so richly deserve.

May God bless you and your loved ones, and may we pray for a better tomorrow.

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