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Episode 8: The Brain Injury Identification Card

In this episode of Brain Injury Insider, host Michael Kaplen discusses The Brain Injury Identification Card, provided by The Brain Injury Law Firm®. Michael explains why his firm decided a brain identification card was necessary, the details provided on the card, and how brain injury survivors can acquire their own identification card.

Imagine being in a situation where you were unable to communicate properly. Where your speech was slurred. Where you couldn't get the right words out. Where you couldn't find the right word to express what you wanted to say. Where you couldn't follow commands or directions.

Imagine a situation where you were confused. Imagine a situation where you might say the most inappropriate thing, or act in the most inappropriate manner.

Imagine a situation where you couldn't control your anger, or you became frustrated, or your behaviour was misinterpreted.

Imagine a situation where your inability to communicate, your inappropriate behavior, your feelings of anger caused someone else to behave inappropriately to you, or perhaps provide you or give you inappropriate medication.

Imagine a situation where this type of behavior or communication on your part lead to inappropriate or abusive comments by others who didn't understand what you were suffering from.

This is precisely the difficulties that are encountered by brain injury survivors on a daily basis, in some encounters that they have with police, with emergency personnel, with physicians, or with strangers. These individuals can't understand the invisible injuries that brain injury survivors face on a day-to-day basis.

That's why our law firm has created the Brain Injury Identification card. This card is provided as a complimentary benefit to brain injury survivors by The Brain Injury Law Firm®.

The card is simple. It states "I have a brain injury, which may affect my behavior and my ability to communicate."

There is a place for the individual's name, an emergency contact, and an emergency phone number.

On the flip side of the card, many of the common symptoms associated with traumatic brain injury are identified, in an easy to understand manner.

Our law firm believes that this card will provide a benefit to brain injury survivors. And indeed, at the present time we have provided this card complimentary to over 20,000 brain injury survivors, and we will continue to do so.

All we ask is that you go to our website, and fill out a very simple application.

All that we ask you to provide is the information that we put on this card.

We will not disseminate this information to anyone else, we will not communicate this information to anyone else, and we will send you a personalized brain injury identification card.

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