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Episode 23: Brain Injury Awareness Month (Day 1)

Today marks day 1 of Brain Injury Awareness month in the United States of America. In this episode of Brain Injury Insider, host Michael Kaplen discusses the theme of this year's campaign from the Brain Injury Association of America — "More than my brain injury" —and reveals that over 21,000 Americans now carry a brain injury identification card, provided free by The Brain Injury Law Firm®.

Today marks day 1 of Brain Injury Awareness Month in the United States of America.

Brain injury increasingly has become as the Brain Injury Association of America says, “the last thing on your mind until it is the only thing on your mind.”

A day cannot go by without some reference in our news, in social media, or in medical meetings to brain injury and associated brain damage.

In discussions about our brave service members where Brain Injury has been called the signature wound of our most recent conflicts, in the world of sports where the discussion of concussions and long term brain damage including CTE is omnipresent, to intimate partner violence, also known as domestic violence, where one out of 3 victims is a brain injury survivor, to classroom issues and now the brain fog and the worsening of prior neurological conditions which are the long-term consequences of the Covid 19 vaccination, brain injury and brain damage is a national public health issue.

With over 5.2 million Americans suffering long term consequences of a traumatic brain injury, which translates into one in every 60 individuals, and with a brain injury occurring to someone in the United States every 9 seconds, brain injury is a public health crisis.

Traumatic brain injury typically is caused by falls, vehicle accidents, or violence, and acquired brain injury frequently is caused by strokes, electric shock, infectious disease, or oxygen deprivation.

Of course, there is no end to the multitude of ways that a brain injury can occur and the multitude of ways in can impact an individual.

This month, The Brain Injury Association of America has initiated a new awareness campaign theme entitled More Than My By Brain to provide a platform to educate the public, business community, state and local government officials, and even some in our medical community, on the incidence and long term consequences of brain injury and most important to de-stigmatize the injury and a person centered approach.

Three years ago, in honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month, the Brain Injury law Firm introduced a complimentary customized brain injury identification card to avoid misunderstandings with police, EMT, ambulance, and other first responders who interact with brain injury survivors.

Although survivors, may appear normal, they may be suffering from invisible injuries resulting from their brain injury and causing them to exhibit emotional, behavioral, and cognitive problems.

A person with a brain injury can carry and display this personalized, laminated wallet card to help avoid misunderstandings with police, EMT and ambulance personnel, and others. This card includes the individual’s name, a designated emergency contact, and common symptoms of a TBI.

This card is provided free by the brain injury law firm®, De Caro & Kaplen, LLP to any brain injury survivor. It is designed to help police, emergency personnel, and others more easily identify brain injury survivors, and ensure that they are treated appropriately, and provided support as needed.

I am pleased that the Brain Injury Law Firm has now distributed over 21,000 cards and continues to offer this free card to persons with a brain injury.

I like to say, I represent a person with a brain injury, not a brain injury person. Persons with a brain injury are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.

Brain Injury is the Civil Rights issue of our time requiring concerted action to destigmatize this condition and to provide the services and supports for all to live meaningful and productive lives.

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