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Michael Kaplen, a Pleasantville, New York-based attorney for the Brain Injury Association of America, is not surprised by the players’ growing uneasiness about the settlement.

“It’s playing out exactly as I predicted,” Kaplen said.

In October 2016, Kaplen wrote a brief to the Supreme Court asking the country’s ultimate judiciary to take a look at a settlement that, according to Kaplen, “neither recognizes nor compensates the majority of players suffering the long-term consequences of brain trauma.”

Michael Kaplen, Newsday (04/01/2018)

“It’s played out the way I anticipated,” Kaplen said in an interview. “These players are beginning to wake up and understand the settlement is a fraud. The majority of players who deserve compensation are not going to get compensation.”

Michael Kaplen, Washington Post (03/20/2018)

“As a result of the missing stop sign, the vehicle in which Oddetth and Kaiden were passengers was struck by another vehicle,” Davidson’s lawyer, Michael Kaplen, said.

Michael Kaplen, New York Post (02/01/2018)

“It’s my understanding that he wasn’t happy with his golfing that day and he let the club swing right out of his hand,” Kaplen said. “He says, ‘Godd—-t, I’m not having a good day.”

Michael Kaplen, New York Daily News (01/23/2018)

“The gentleman we’re suing wasn’t particularly pleased with his performance,” Touhey’s attorney Michael Kaplen said, in a gross understatement.

Michael Kaplen, New York Post (01/23/2018)

Michael Kaplen, a New York City malpractice lawyer and member of the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys, said that if doctors were choosing not to practice in the Bronx, financial considerations, not malpractice claims, were most likely the reason.

Michael Kaplen, New York Times (12/15/2017)

“Football is a concussion-delivery system. You cannot make it safe because after any hit, the brain is moving within the skull,” says Kaplen. “There is no such thing as safe tackling. This whole focus on CTE — while troubling in terms of the nature of the disease — is misdirected in terms of the problem. The problem is repetitive head trauma, where CTE is one of many end results. Repetitive hits cause brain damage.”

Michael Kaplen, New York Daily News (11/07/2017)

“It wasn’t unexpected,” Michael Kaplen, the past president of the Brain Injury Association of New York and an attorney specializing in brain injury cases, said of the Supreme Court’s decision. “But what you will see is players realizing they are not going to receive anything. Their lawyers are going to have to explain how their clients were hoodwinked into thinking this was such a great settlement.”

Michael Kaplen, New York Daily News (12/12/2016)