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What is premises liability?

Premises liability is a legal term surrounding a legal obligations of a property owner to a person who is on their property. It involves the injuries that take place when a property owner doesn’t properly maintain their premises or their property. In every one of these situations, a property owner is obligated to maintain that building in a reasonably safe condition. That means taking necessary steps to repair problems and also taking those steps necessary to do proper inspections.

We see in these cases, for instance, in apartment building, stairs that are not properly maintained. In office buildings, we see lobbies that are unsafe, doors that are not hinged properly and construction sites, we see unsafe and dangerous equipment.

There are laws to protect the public. In New York state, we have something called the multiple dwelling law that protects tenants in buildings. On construction sites, we have labor laws that provide the general contractor, the owner and any other subcontractors on the premises are obligated to maintain a safe place for construction. If you are injured in a building or a structure outside because of an unsafe condition, we offer free no obligation consultations and we’re here to assist you in any way we can.