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What happens if the frontal lobe is damaged?

Well, the brain is comprised of four different lobes. There’s a frontal lobe, the temporal lobes, the parietal lobes, and the occipital lobe. Each of these lobes have a different function and they control different behaviors. The frontal and temporal lobes, which are in the front and on the sides, are much more susceptible to injury because there are many more bony prominences in the front of the skull. If there’s an injury to the frontal lobe, it will affect judgment, it will affect the ability to multitask.

A brain injury attorney must understand not only the function and relative position of areas of the brain, they have to understand the different impact that injury to different parts of the brain will have, how that’s caused by an action, how it will affect someone’s life going forward, and their ability to function. If your family member has sustained a brain injury as a result of the negligence of somebody else, please call the brain injury attorneys at De Caro & Kaplen for a free, no-obligation consultation. We are committed to achieving justice and full compensation for our clients.