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What causes loss of smell and taste?

Loss of smell and taste are commonly caused by brain trauma, they can be caused by trauma to the face, the nose. It can be caused by concussion, it can be caused by lots of different types of head trauma. Loss of smell causes loss of taste. This has to do with injury to the olfactory nerve, which is the nerve that controls smell and it’s very susceptible to injury.

Loss of smell and taste is present in 25% of the traumatic brain injuries. So it’s a fairly prevalent injury. It has serious consequences, if you cannot smell taste, you cannot detect if you’re eating rotten food. You cannot detect toxic fumes. You also may experience excessive weight loss or gain because you no longer enjoy food and you have an inability to taste it. It is important for brain injury attorney to understand the significance of the loss of smell and taste and the repercussions that has on someone’s life. Please call at De Caro & Kaplen for a free, no obligation consultation. We are committed to achieving justice and full compensation for our clients.