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How long after a head injury can symptoms occur?

A concussion is a brain injury. Every brain injury is different. Because sometimes these symptoms of a brain injury are very subtle, the person who has the brain injury themselves don’t even realize that they have a problem. It’s their husband, it’s their wife, it’s their family, it’s their employer who might realize that person is not just behaving the way they were, they’re not the same. People with the brain injury might look fine. That’s why brain injury is called an invisible injury.

Some of these symptoms might take hours, some might take days, some might take weeks to develop. Because each brain injury is different, each person will have different symptoms. Some may appear and some may disappear. What we’re looking for are the physical, the cognitive, the emotional and behavioral changes that take place after a brain injury. When you retain the law firm of De Caro & Kaplen, you’re retaining more than lawyers. You’re retaining people who understand brain injury. They can help you navigate the problems and pitfalls surrounding a traumatic brain injury and weaknesses to you on your road to recovery.