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How do I report medical negligence?

Medical negligence can happen in a variety of situations. It can happen in a doctor’s office, it can happen in a hospital, it can happen in a nursing home. We know from studies that almost 20% of all medical encounters result in some type of medical negligence causing an injury to that patient. In each one of these situations at some point if you find out that that error took place to report it to the proper medical authorities. In each state, we have a Department of Health.

In New York State, the Department of Health is charged with the responsibility of investigating those errors. When it comes to medical events in a doctor’s office, each state has a separate disciplinary body that will again perform an investigation. But it’s not enough that you rely upon the state to perform the investigation. You need to hire a private attorney to perform our own investigation, to obtain hospital records, to have those records reviewed by an independent medical consultant to determine exactly what happened, why it happened and how it could have been prevented.

When you retain the law firm of De Caro & Kaplen, we will do all this for you and we will make sure that you get the justice that you deserve.