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Can whiplash cause a concussion?

Whiplash can cause a concussion. Usually, you’re talking about it with respect to injuries of the head and neck, but it also affects the brain, which is inside the skull. When a person is sitting in a car, they’re sitting upright. If they come to a sudden stop, their body continues forward and their head continues forward. The brain continues forward, but then is whipped back and the brain sheers against the inside of the skull.

This movement of the brain inside the skull causes stretching, breaking, shearing, twisting and swelling of the brain tissue and this is the mechanism of injury. It’s important for a brain injury attorney to understand the causes of brain injury, how it affects the brain and how it affects you as a human being. How it affects your functioning, why you are no longer able to do what you once were able to do prior to the accident and the complete ramifications to your life.

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