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Medical Malpractice Alert – Stop Congress from Restricting Patient’s Rights to Sue Negligent Doctors and Hospitals

  Congress is pushing legislation that will make medical malpractice lawsuits – including yours – nearly impossible to pursue. These bills will rig the system against individuals like you and tip the scales for doctors, hospitals and their powerful insurance companies. The republican majority in congress is attempting to restrict the rights of injured patients […]

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Updated Guidelines for the Diagnosis of Preeclampsia–Medical Malpractice Alert

Preeclampsia, a serious and often fatal condition affecting a pregnant woman. In our medical malpractice law practice we have represented several families following the failure of obstetricians to diagnose this condition leading to tragic consequences. Preeclampsia is a leading cause of maternal and prenatal morbidity and mortality. It requires prompt recognition and treatment by the […]

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Misdiagnosis and wrong diagnosis

Following up on our recent post about the disconcerting percentage of medical errors that occur each day is a study just released by the Mayo clinic that found that almost 90 percent of patients seeking a second opinion receive a new diagnosis! The study reported that 88% of patients seeking a second opinion at the […]

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