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How to prove a malpractice suit?

Medical malpractice cases are very complicated cases because they involve very detailed areas of medicine. So it's really important that when a client comes in they have all their medical records, all their pharmacy records, all their test results. We will go about acquiring all these records before we can make any determination.

Once we've established that and we give all this information to a competent specialist to review the case, then we will commence an action. Then there's a process of discovery, and there will be depositions which are oral testimony where you'll explain what happened. After that, the insurance company will have a doctor examine you to confirm your injuries and we'll proceed through the rest of discovery until the case is ready to be put on the trial calendar.

Statute of limitations in a medical malpractice case is very short, so it's important that you consult an attorney as quickly as you can.

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