New York Daily News: Attorney accused of seeking double payment

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Michael Kaplen was quoted in this article by The New York Daily News entitled Attorney accused of seeking double payment for representing Kevin Turner in NFL concussion lawsuit.

New York attorney Michael Kaplen says Brody will likely rule on the matter quickly since the distribution of payments is set to begin in January. It’s possible this outstanding legal matter could delay Turner’s estate receiving his payment package.

“Marks was on the committee (negotiating the settlement) and he’s entitled to part of the $112.5 million,” said Kaplen, the past president of the Brain Injury Association of New York State. “Now he’s trying to take money from two pots. It’s a great Christmas gift to him. Brody will give the motion a good, hard look. She may put (the attorneys’) feet to the fire and ask them to prove what it is they did to deserve these outrageous sums of money.”

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