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New York Daily News: Study Shows NFL Players with Low Blood Flow to Brain, Results May Help Improve Treatment for Head Injuries

Michael Kaplen was interviewed in this article by the New York Daily News entitled “Study shows NFL players with low blood flow to brain, results may help improve treatment for head injuries“. The study will be published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Michael Kaplen, a New York attorney who specializes in brain injury lawsuits and who has lambasted the NFL concussion settlement, told the Daily News that such studies or press releases should be viewed with a measure of caution. The concussion/brain trauma/football issue is “big business,” said Kaplen.

“Everybody is trying to make money off of these poor guys,” Kaplen added. “It’s just unfortunate. Everyone is looking for a miracle cure. There is no such thing.”

According to the study, “the decreased blood flow in six regions of the brain was the most important in determining who had football-related health trauma.

“These same regions function in memory, mood, and learning. When damaged, they can produce cognitive and psychiatric problems as evidenced by the fact that 83 percent of players in this study had memory problems and 29 percent had a history of depression.”

Kaplen, however, said that in his experience working on brain injury lawsuits and researching medical data related to these types of injuries, “the brain is a very unique organ.

“The brain takes charge of everything else, and by that, I mean that it will rob any other organ of oxygen that it needs to survive,” said Kaplen. “If the brain is not getting enough oxygen, it will increase blood pressure to force more oxygen to the brain. That’s why (the study) doesn’t make sense to me.”


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