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New York Daily News: Appeals Court Upholds NFL’s $1 Billion Concussion Settlement

Michael Kaplen was interviewed in this article by the New York Daily News entitled “Appeals court upholds NFL’s $1 billion concussion settlement“.

Attorney Michael Kaplen, who filed an amicus brief opposing the settlement on behalf of the Brain Injury Association of America, says “it’s not over until it’s over.”
“One of the problems with this settlement is it precludes players from putting the executives of the NFL under oath and doing other discovery to find the truth about their deceitful conduct,” Kaplen tells the Daily News.

Kaplen, who teaches a course on brain injury litigation at The George Washington University Law School, predicts there will be “hell to pay” when former players and their families get payouts that are more limited than what they expected.

“My prediction is when the players themselves understand that most of the players will get nothing, and even those that get something will get a lot less than they think they will, there’s going to be a revolution,” Kaplen says.

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