Construction Accident

Construction & Scaffold Accident Legal Assistance

The personal injury lawyers at De Caro & Kaplen, LLP have provided compassionate legal representation to victims of construction accidents and their families for over 30 years. Our experience as New York construction accident lawyers have resulted in substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients suffering from brain trauma and other serious injury received while working on a construction site.  Our knowledge and experience in safe construction practices, construction codes, and safety equipment, allows us to prove how the contractor, subcontractor, employer, site owner, or manufacturer failed to provide workers with the safe work site, sufficient equipment, or proper assistance required by law.

Construction Accidents & Worker Injuries

For over 30 years we have represented workers injured on the job in New York

 If you have been injured on the job — whether on a construction site, factory floor, or any other location — you may be entitled to bring a claim or lawsuit to recover additional and significant compensation for your pain and suffering in addition to any workers’ compensation benefits you receive.

We handle injuries caused by:
Falls on construction sites
Falls from unsafe scaffolds
Falls from unsafe ladders
Crane accidents
Electrical Shock & Electrocution
Faulty equipment
Safety violations
Failing to provide safety devices
Falls from roofs
Objects falling from high places
Workers falling through holes and faulty flooring

The mangled finger of a client successfully represented by De Caro & Kaplen against a construction company that provided a dangerous power saw.
The mangled finger of a client successfully represented by De Caro & Kaplen against a construction company that provided a dangerous power saw.

Our extensive knowledge of traumatic injuries and their life long consequences enable us to prove the extent of your injury to a jury. Our comprehensive understanding of medicine empowers us to prove the fractures, spinal injury, brain injury or burns you received.

Our construction accident law firm handles workplace and construction accidents throughout New York City including Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, as well through the surrounding areas of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and Rockland counties. We have also represented construction workers injured in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and throughout New York State.

We have assisted construction workers who have sustained fractures, burns, back injury, and brain damage due to unsafe work sites, improper safety standards, and unsafe equipment receive the compensation that they deserve.

Construction Accidents: What You Should Know

Construction accidents  unfortunately occur much too frequently. When a construction worker is injured, the unsafe working conditions leading up to the accident are often implicated as the precipitating cause. Federal safety measures known as Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, the New York State Labor Law and state construction safety codes are enacted to prevent these construction site accidents from occurring.

Unfortunately, these work site accidents are a direct result of the contractor, subcontractor, or construction site owner failing to abide by these OSHA regulations, New York Labor laws and safety codes. Due to  negligence, construction workers suffer very serious injury, including brain damage.  In many of these cases, a construction worker will not  be limited to workers compensation benefits and can bring a law suit  for his or her personal injuries. In order to determine if you are limited to workers compensation benefits, you need to consult our New York construction accident attorneys .

Construction Accident Lawyers with Over 30 Years of Experience

Construction and scaffold accident lawyers at De Caro & Kaplen, LLP have handled cases involving falls from unsafe ladders, roofs, scaffolds, because of a failure to provide proper safety equipment. Other cases of electrical accidents, faulty equipment and unsafe work sites lead to serious injuries. Our experienced  New York construction accident lawyers have the knowledge required to prove that the fault for your injuries rests with the contractor or construction site owner. Our construction accident lawyers can demonstrate that your injuries are a direct result of negligence on part of the contractor, subcontractor, employer, site owner, or manufacturer.

New York Ladder Injuries
We represent construction workers injured as a result of a fall from an unsafe ladder

The failure to provide a construction worker with a ladder of a proper height, in good condition and properly secured, is a common cause of construction worker injuries.

At De Caro & Kaplen, LLP, we represent workers who have suffered workplace injuries involving falls from ladders. Our highly experienced personal injury attorneys have had over 30 years of success in representing construction workers injured as a result of unsafe and defective ladders.

Scaffold Accidents & Falls from Heights
Representing New York Workers Injured From Falling

New York Scaffold Injuries

We represent construction workers injured as a result of falling from an unsafe or improperly secured scaffold or because the worker was not supplied with proper fall related safety equipment.

At De Caro & Kaplen, LLP, we provide legal assistance to New York workers who have been injured in scaffold accidents and falls from heights at construction sites.

If you or someone close to you was injured in a fall from a scaffold, a ladder, a roof or any height, we can provide the legal assistance necessary to obtain monetary compensation for your injuries, lost wages and medical expenses.

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Construction Injuries Caused by Falls

In cases where construction workers were injured as a result of falls, we have been able to prove  that the necessary safety laws were violated. These laws require ladders to be properly secured and of a proper height, scaffolds to be in proper repair with proper railings, and holes and other openings to be properly guarded. In these and other instances of construction accidents, we have retained the services of trained construction safety experts, including former OSHA supervisors to review the facts and circumstance of the construction accident and determine fault.

We have represented a painter, working in an elevated subway station in the Bronx. He fell 40 feet from a lift truck to the ground. The truck was not properly secured and he was not supplied with adequate safety devices, including a safety harness in violation of state construction safety standards and OSHA requirements. When the wheels of the truck slipped, his fall caused multiple fractures and brain trauma.

In another case, a construction worker fell from an unguarded opening on the deck of an elevated construction site causing severe brain damage. In yet another tragic instance of a fall caused by improper safety precautions, a construction worker fell, causing both head injury and fractures when his scaffold was not properly maintained.

In one case, Michael Kaplen and his partner Shana DeCaro represented a  taper that fell from a ladder while sheet rocking in the lobby of a Manhattan apartment building and broke both his wrists. As New York construction accident lawyers, we were able to prove that the ladder  was too short. He had to stand on the top rung, a dangerous and unsteady position, which caused the ladder to tip and fall.

Electricians and other construction workers are frequently injured because of unsafe and poorly maintained ladders they are forced to use. Often a construction worker will strike his or her head in a fall, resulting in brain trauma. We have successfully represented victims of construction accidents whose falls were caused by the unsafe ladders supplied to them.

Construction Injuries Caused by Faulty Equipment and Negligent Operators

Another frequent cause of construction accidents is when construction equipment is not properly repaired or permitted to be operated without proper safety guards in place.

In one case, a carpenter was using a table saw that lacked a proper safety guard. When the wood  got caught in the saw blade without a safety guard, the worker’s finger was cut off.

In another case, a garbage compactor without an automatic safety turn-off devices caused a worker’s arm to become trapped and crushed in the compactor.

Cranes and Overhead Hazards causing Electrocutions

A construction worker we represented was tragically electrocuted when a crane operator failed to notice the presence of an overhead utility line. The construction worker received severe electrical injuries when the crane struck the overhead power line. The electric current traveled though the crane into his body while the construction worker was steadying a load being transported.

By careful re-creation of the construction accident and a review of the general contractor’s records, we proved  the crane operator  error, and the contractor failed to post necessary warnings about the presence of the power line, safe clearance distances. Failure to properly train its employees was a key issue. Through careful preparation in this precedent setting case, highway construction projects in New York State now require proper warnings near overhead wires to prevent other needless construction accidents from happening.

We Care About Work Site Safety

The skilled New York construction accident lawyers at De Caro & Kaplen, LLP understand that unsafe work site conditions are the primary cause of construction accidents and injuries to construction workers.  In prosecuting cases of injury to a construction worker, we obtain all pertinent records from the general contractor and the sub-contractors at the work site. We look at safety inspection reports, safety meeting records, and tool box safety meeting reports. We will review the construction photo logs, the records of the construction manager, and site safety inspectors, to determine safety violations. Additionally, we will obtain OSHA compliance records and construction contracts.

Our New York construction accident lawyers believe that construction workers are entitled to a safe work site, safe working conditions, and safe equipment. When brain trauma or other serious personal injuries occur, we are prepared to represent you in a court of law to obtain proper and just compensation.

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